Me in Ireland near Seal Cove, Bantry, Co Cork

About Me

I’m married to the most handsome thing I’ve ever seen. We have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandsons.

Brandon cuddling a lambBrandon builds custom houses. I own (with daughter Dagny) THE IRISH EWE, a yarn & Irish import shop and I also own an antiques shop that is open 6 days a week from May to November. On our farm nestled on the side of a mountain in western Maine, we raise Jacob & Moorit sheep, Cashmere, Angora & Pygora goats,a llama, 2 horses, chickens, and 3 dogs. We are foster parents for the New England Border Collie Rescue Group.

Our house in Bonane Ireland

Our passion is our little stone house in Ireland in Bonane in Co. Cork. Before you get too jealous, our running water is in the stream nearby, our lights are in the form of lanterns, my kitchen table looks like a hobbits (it’s the old red door of the cottage and some tree trunks we cut down), and the bathroom is down the next field, pick-a-bush. I love it there and am peace when I’m by the little rocky brook coming down the mountain, laying on a mossy overlook, gazing at the tiny sheep on the far hills. Every time I want to relax and just before I go to sleep at night when I’m back home in Maine, I think of this spot, the water, the sounds, the smells, and the feel of the moss.

Back in Maine we also volunteer–Brandon is on the local Fire squad and is on the board of Maine Sheep Breeders, active with the Maine Fiber Frolic and does something with the state government about agriculture. I volunteer at McLaughlin Gardens, Baldwin Historical Society, and I’m on the board of Baldwin Library. I also teach spinning at The Irish Ewe.

Our big event for the summer is our group trip. I’m organizing a 2007 Shepherds Tour of Ireland for June 2007 for a group of 24 (filled for this year but ask about next years tour!).

Brandon likes: Sheep, skiing, dogs, Ireland, working with his hands, hiking, waterskiing, horseback riding, and steak.

I like: sheep, goats, horseback riding, spinning, knitting, reading, the internet, chocolate, dogs, the grandkids, Ireland, and my chickens.

14 Responses to “About Me”

  1. kim Says:

    handsome shepherd going to be at home on the 16 of may so I and the rest of my family can see him I need one of the sheep for him toshear.more pic/ please.

  2. Diane Bolduc Says:

    Where in Maine do you live? I also live in Maine. In Farmington and I raise sheep and spin and knit. Would love to check out your place sometime.

  3. kim Says:

    I love my sister and brother for the fact that they allow parkdanforth to see the sheep and the things they do. when I am their they allow my to card the wool if I want to. this is what I like to do.
    this is my proud and joy web site.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Hey Deb, are you planning a tour to Ireland in 2008?

  5. Loren Says:

    Bonane doesn’t ring a bell but I lived as a kid in Cork. Bishopstown, Glanmire and Sallybrook to be precise.

  6. Dear Madam,
    I’m Polish/Dutch film director about to shoot my first feature film in Ierland. The title : Nothing Personal. The film takes place on a farm in a middle of nowwhere. I’ve seen your house and fell absolutely in love with it. Would you possibly consider to rent your house for the location for the film. We have a very small crew – 10 people. The shooting period is mid October-mid Novemeber. This week I will know if Stephen Rea will accept the role.
    Please, contact me or the producer Floor Onrust if renting your house is possible
    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Urszula Antonia

  7. Mell Carney Says:

    How do I contact you to continue to order the Irish Aran Bainin yarn? I’m on sweater #2 of 5 and I’ve only been ordering for 1 sweater at a time.

  8. Harold Boomhower/Colleen Woolley Says:

    Hello, We met your husband at the Cornell U. sheep program about 3years ago.Enjoyed the Irish cottage photos. Maybe some day we could go along on the shepards tour sounds like fun.

  9. Susan Barnes Says:

    What a dreamy life you have! I am new to using wool I am in need of some unwashed raw wool.(sheep, alpaca) I would like to buy some. Some other venders in Common Ground Fair gave me little tidbits a couple years ago…and I’ve run out. It was the best..Hope you can contact me…thank you! S

  10. Deb: we have been missing you!! Royal and Sue were out here in Oregon last month and we did a lot of remembering. We plan to do extensive driving around the USA next summer. Don’t know if we’ll get as far as Maine, but if not, we will fly out there some day.
    Carol is now retired and I return to the classroom on tuesday, starting my third years as a teacher’s assistant. Life is good–a blessing on your head!!

  11. Janny in Washington Says:

    My grandmother was a teacher in North Baldwin, Maine. I was wondering if the Baldwin Historical Society would have any photos from the years 1918-1920 when she taught primary school there.

  12. Linda in Covesville, VA Says:

    I bought some Aran yarn from you at a knitting show two years ago and was very pleased with it. How do I order more? I can’t seem to connect with the Irish Ewe website.

  13. Loredana Meytre Says:

    Dear Debbie and Brandon,
    do you still remember us and your journey in particular in Salza di Pinerolo? How are you? I would like to continue to keep in touch with you. We can have your new email address?
    Regards from Italy

  14. Do you live in this house all year round because it sounds idyllic but perhaps not in the winter. Love your blog. Regards Lynette

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