Antiques shop

Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.

After 10 years, we’ve decided to close the antiques shop, finish renovations, and then sell it next year as a residence. We just can’t keep trying to do the upkeep here at the farm, at the antique shop, at the yarn shop, at the apartment house, at the cottage at Woods Pond, plus find time to have any fun together. So we’ve decided to downsize and focus more on the farm and doing some of the things we used to do (horse camping, Ireland, fishing, hiking, farming, gardening).

It’s been hectic boxing everything up and working to clean out the contents, but with friends helping, it’s also been kinda fun. At night & on weekends we’ve having such fun talking about using the proceeds to build a state-of-the-art sheep barn, complete with heated isolation unit/office. And more secure fencing for those escape artist goats & pygoras. And of course, we’ll be able to afford a newer more reliable tractor. Yay!!

WIth some of the proceeds from the sale of the antiques, we’re planning a trip back to Ireland to visit our cottage and enjoy some quiet time together. It’s been a year since we’ve been back ‘home’ and we can’t wait.

Meanwhile, we’re usually at the shop during the day. After July, I’ll be working more at the yarn shop.

In between all this work stuff, we’ve been sneaking off to do a little brook-trout fishing. Last week we saw a beaver, who was MAD that we were daring to fish in his little pond. Can’t wait to go again. It was fun helping Brandon clean them in the sink afterward and he cooked them up for me – delish!