April 2008

Daphne & Silverado

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I was trying to take pics of the babies for the “For Sale” page on the Woolley Farm website (www.TheWoolleyFarm.com) when I snapped this pic of Silverado. I just went to crop the pic to show just the baby, when I noticed Daphne’s expression…..


Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.

Daphne looks like a commercial for goat cheese!!!

We have (finally!) set the dates for the next tour — May 15-May 27, 2009.  This is a month earlier than last years tour which will enable us to see the lambing season in Ireland as well as encountering less tourists there.

Ireland in May is magical — everything is a million colors of green, the primroses are rampant, and the salmon are running in the rivers.  Please consider joining us!  Click here for more info


The cute little babies are growing fast. When I bottle-feed them, I let them out of the communal pen into the main barn floor. The boldest ones slowly, shakily, venture outside into the yard. They enjoy checking out the chickens and the snow, then they RACE back inside, leaping & jumping and sliding in the hay. 

It is the best part of my day to sit on a bale of hay with a lamb in each arm, watching the others play.


New Coats

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These are the new coats that Marion made for the Maine Sheep Breeders open house that we had here at the farm this past weekend. It’s an old couch cover from LL Beans and they looked very jaunty in them.


Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.

This is one of the best set of twins. Both Emmaline & Harrison will be staying here as they are absolutely perfect as far as confirmation & spotting. Emmaline is so tiny, weighing only 3 pounds. She likes to hide under the hay feeder, which is just 4″ off the floor.

Big pen

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This is the big pen where everyone comes out and runs around & plays. You can see Jacobs, Moorits, Romneys, and some of the babies.

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