March 2008

The Socks

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One of the ladies in our new spinning group made these socks and gifted them to me a few weeks ago. Aren’t they CUTE??? It’s all sorts of different types of yarn and not a knot to be found–she must have woven in all those ends. I love all the action & different things going on in the socks — yes there is a 2nd one but I couldn’t balance and take a pic of both of them at once while they were on my feet, and I don’t want to take them off.

They are snuggly, warm,and a reminder of what nice friends I have!

The Mitts

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My new friend Marion is a master knitter. She knit these up for me after I admired the pattern. She made them in less than one week. That’s right—less than a week! The squirrel is so cute and the oak leaf is great. Do you see the dates at the top? 20 on one and 08 on the other? No puckers at all. How can she do it so neatly? I’m afraid to wear them, they really deserve to be framed….

I am sooo lucky to have these new friends in my life.

The mitts

Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.

Look at the palms of the mitts. Very patterned and makes me sweat just looking at all the work. Amazing!

Ann Marie spinning on the Ashford KiwiAndrea spinning on the new TravelerLynnie knitting away on yet another projectMarion at the wheelSue’s first yarnSue & her first yarnHere are some pics of the group we’ve formed for spinning on Sundays.  It’s such great fun and a great way to spend a snowy Sunday in the winter!

Harrison & Obamaa-001.jpg

Harrison bottle feeding Obama. It’s not easy being a shepherd.

Harrison, Logan, and the egg

Harrison shows Logan, the cashmere buck, an egg. For a second we thought Logan would eat it, but then he decided that he’s a vegan and eggs would not be on the morning menu.

Mitt Romney

“Hey (or rather HAY!!), what’s up, dawg?  I’m just hanging out with my buds in the barn, waiting for the ice & snow to melt, so I can go outside & play”

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