Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Cliffs of MoherHags Head 

Did you guys see The Morning show this morning? Matt Lauer is in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher (Gaelic for ‘fort’). The fort there was built to keep the french from landing back in the 1700s (they never did).  Matt went on to tell the story of Hags Head, a rock formation at the Cliffs. The legend goes that an Irish hag (not the beautiful young Irish girls of most legends) chased the man she was in love with, all over Ireland. He was NOT interested and kept running & running. When he got to the cliffs, he jumped into the sea and swam out to the Aran Islands nearby. She could not swim, so she plunked her ass down on the edge of the cliffs and waited for him to return. She’s still there today, petrified into stone.

Matt then went on to say that Forbes magazine has recently rated Ireland as THE best place in the whole world to live. Oh great, the secrets out. Good thing we bought our little stone cottage a long time ago.  Now people are flooding back to Ireland to enjoy the economy, the scenery, and the way of life. So Jo, you’re in the right place! And all you Shepherds Tour members, you’ll see for yourselves in just a few weeks.


This past weekend I volunteered at our local Historical Society Auction and also bought quite a few things there for my antiques shop.  One box lot of linens really caught my eye. It had a luncheon set from the 1930s — 4 napkins, matching card table sized tablecloth, and a runner. There was a bag containing 2 matching crocheted circular doilies – 24″ and 12″. And then, the prize. A pair of hand knit socks. Nice long socks. Made in cotton or a cotton-linen blend. Still intact and in great shape (except for a few rust spots). Plain? Yes. Tiny stitches? Yes. Beautiful in their construction? Definately!

 Now I just have to come up with a way to display them. Perhaps put them over the antique sock stretchers I have? Frame them? Such delightful decisions. For now, I’ll just take them out and pet them several times a day and marvel at what size needles she used — I’m guessing 0’s or 1s.