May 2007

fox2.jpgWell, it was bound to happen. Our first fox attack. She’s very very bold and comes right into the dooryard during the late afternoon to attack. So far, she’s got 1. We’ve chased her off three times and tonight I managed to get a shot at her—-found one little spot of blood but she ran off into the woods. I really really hate shooting her as I know she has kits to feed, but geez, I love my chickens and she can’t have them!  I wish I knew how to feed the fox something vegetarian…..  Of course, the neighbors must think I’m nuts — a middle-aged grammie running thru the door yard with a loaded gun yelling FOX!!! FOX!!!!  Tonight, I didn’t yell, I just grabbed the gun and stealthily creeped up near her on the rock wall thru the trees. She saw me and hid. I could see her head watching me when I got one shot off then she ran back in to the woods. *sigh*  I’ll have to go out again with the gun tomorrow night. This time with bug spray & a martini, both necessary while I wait for the little vixen.

Brandon and his girls working on the fenceWinston, looking very concernedAn assortment of fiber on the hoofOh, this grass is so yummy, but where’s the martinis?Cady the Pygora, aged 9 weeks oldBrandon is working on a new section of fence in our lower pasture. The flock ran down from the upper pasture to check out what he was doing. The grass is so green & lush, they all have little pot bellies from such a rich diet. They are so happy to be out & running about. It drives Winston Churchill, the Yorkie, wild as they run back & forth by his doggie pen and tease him. Doesn’t he look pathetic?

close-up of the good stuffdrinks.jpg

on the left, Brandon’s Smithwick (Smitticks) from Ireland. On the right, my first martini of the season. This one is blue raspberry with lime sugar rim, lime garnish and TWO cherries. Gotta celebrate don’t ya know. The glass is an antique Portland Glass water goblet from 1863-1873 called Greek Key. I like drinking outta antiques, plus the larger size is nice so you get more and don’t have to waste time running to the kitchen to refill those little martini glasses.  Hang on, got to go let the sheep into the lower pasture. I’ll take my drink with me…..

OK, Im’ back…I shall be fast asleep in anbout an hour. Thise things are pretty storong— 3 shots good potatoe vodka (cold river—yay wendy!!!) and 3 shots raspberry blue stuff If got (forgot) what it’s called but tits , opps IT’S got liquor in it tooo. the whole thing is about 80 prooff and sooooo tasty. expefically the cherries, althoguht I tliek the ones wiht the stems best. Hey, ican’t ty[e very well when i’m drinkding martineis. snicker sniecker. hoenset, i’m not trying to mis-speeell antyinght this is just whteway the way I’m typienng. beteter go eate something so i’m snot too sloosehd to maek supper. wheeeeeee!!!! i laove maritneis!!

Our peaceable kingdomBruce, with 1 broken hornGoat butts

When Wendy came over on Saturday all the critters were hanging out in the dooryard. Cinnamon, our new pygora baby, hid under her car. I love looking out the kitchen door & seeing everyone milling about.

more great hats & a cute display ideanhshow3.jpgwendy & kathy at the showsheep dog demoa irish aran poncho

Wendy, Kathy, and I went to the NH Sheep & Wool Fest on Saturday. It was a perfect day. The ride over we went thru little villages & winding roads. Kathy knew the way, Wendy drove, and I gave commentary. We had a ball looking at everything, having lunch listening to the banjo player, and checking out all the people yarn.

My camera died shortly after we did the first building, but here are some pics of various booths. I wish I knew who did the Cormo hats — 5 skeins for $15 makes 2 hats and the pattern was free.  Aren’t they colorful? I should have bought them but I thought we’d go back  and we never did….

It seemed bigger than last year but that’s because we had to run from barn to barn last time thru the pouring rain. The apple crisp with ice cream was my fave.  


Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.


Originally uploaded by The Woolley Farm.

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