Fleece drying rack ala Deb

I know, I know. We get that question all the time. Well, here’s an early step in the process. After the fleece is shorn, washed in the tub (can’t show that, it’s too dirty for prime-time), it’s spread out to dry. Hence, the problem. I need a place that’s big enough, out of the way for a few days, where water can drip onto the floor, and…..wait…..there’s the dungeon  cellar. It’s pretty neat down there, neat as in 1830s style with big old granite slabs for the foundation and partly dirt floor. But it’s warm by the furnace, so I set up left over chicken-pen wire and used some nice pieces of cherry molding Brandon had laying around. Let’s not tell him, shall we?

A lock of fleeceTake a peek at this fleece. It’s Tunis, which I’m hoping will make a nice yarn for socks. I read that somewhere recently, that Tunis is good for socks.  My friend Josiah doesn’t cover his flock, so it’s got some VM (vegetable matter, aka trash). I’ll have to pick it out. It’s also got some ‘yolking’, that yellow color you see on the tips. Sometimes this comes out, sometimes it doesn’t. The fleece went thru 3 hot-water washes and 2 rinses. So we’ll have to see how it looks after picking & carding. 

Look at the crimp It does have some very nice crimp to it, see in the last pic? Crimp will hold the fibers together within the yarn, so it doesn’t all fall out. Love this high tech stuff!