This is a sweater shop on the the Aran Island of InnisMoir that we will be visiting on our tour in June. The owner, Frances,  is meeting with us to talk about the history of the Aran sweaters & to show us things knit on the island which are few & far between. You can see me talking with her in this pic. I’ve invited her to come to dinner with us on Sunday evening.  Here’s part of her email to me:

Of course I would be delighted to meet you and your group, either in the shop in Kilmurvey or in out thatched cottage and tell them all they want to know about our hand-knits.

(Regarding) the Sweater Market,  they don’t source anything in Aran as they have no knitters here. In fact when they arrived here a few years ago many of the small family shops were squeezed out of business.

Bertie Joyce also mentioned that I could show my sweaters and other accessories (scarves, gloves, etc.) at the B&B if I wished.

I look forward to hearing back from you and after a rather quiet winter it is nice to look forward to some activity later on. In the meantime, if  you would like any further info. be sure to ask.

Best wishes,

Frances Beatty